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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> cheryl: i'm cheryl jennings. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. breaking news. a man is in custody for trying to bring suspicious items on a flight. >> cheryl: let's go to vic lee with details. >> reporter: to put it simply third, caught a passenger that may have been carrying components of a bomb. authorities are taking this very seriously. a source close to the investigation tells "abc 7 news" that this happened about 8:00 last night. this is what our sources are telling us. the man has a southern california address. he tried to board a southwest flight to los angeles. he was going through the checkpoint here when tsa inspectors noticed suspicious items in the bin where he put
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his carry-on bag. they found components of an ide. an improvised explosive device, a watch with wires, fuses and a toggle switch. all the components were there except for the explosives. they then look at his boots and he suffered layers into his boots just like the shoe bomber richard reid had done. they notified sheriff's deputies who took him into custody. they examined the material. the f.b.i. was notified. sheriff's office tells us the man claims it was an art, a piece of art. we are still trying to find more details about this story but that the very latest here from oakland international airport. >> cheryl: at san francisco international airport there were weather flight delays.
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there were delays on flights arriving this morning from the northwest where the weather is already wetter. >> kristen: we're not drying out. rain fell earlier throughout the bay area and the house is are kind of spotty right now. let's take a look what is going on right now. you can see still lots of clouds signaling that more rain will come. meteorologist mike nicco is here talking about conditions. >> some of us are in a lull right now. a ray of sunshine about half an hour. you can see to the north, north bay we have best radar returns right now in the bay area. from bodega bay to cotati to sonoma up 12. also on 29 and yountville and napa, light rain. rain around san francisco, blue, so just a few drops reaching down to the ground. here we are around santa cruz,
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watsonville and morgan hill and gilroy. this is moving to the north. they is going to come into los gatos and san jose in about half an hour to 45 minutes. you will get the bulk of the rain during the lunch hour. the rest of us will have to wait for another wave and that is the overnight weather. we're not out of it yet. more rain on the way. >> cheryl: a lot of folks in daly city are nervous. water inspectors are checking on a neighborhood that was hit by a dangerous mudslide. the hill nearly washed away. amy hollyfield joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. take a look at the hillside. it is still here. everything is looking good. city officials were just out here checking on the situation. they tell me a lot of relief in their voice that much on nature is giving them a great assist so
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far. >> the hay bales have not been tested yet. daly city experienced light rain and more has predicted and that has residents feeling nervous. she can see a gaping hole in a around her hillside and it doesn't look secure. i am scared of leaving hot us. >> the water and mud invasion when a pipe broke. concern is the rain will shake loose an already weakened hillside. >> it's just not enough. rain, water is so strong. >> reporter: some of her neighbors disagree. >> he doesn't feel good enough to leave his car on this side of the street. look at what happened to cars
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parked here on tuesday when the mud gushed in. he parked here last night out of necessity and only temporarily i was afraid the rain would come down zbloor they point out all that water came gushing down in about 30 minutes. even if it rains a lot this weekend it won't happen that fast. they will be out here monitoring the hillside as the rains continue. when it's raining expect to see city crews checking on things. >> kristen: developing news, vallejo police are holding a news conference on a brutal attack on a 65-year-old woman. a 14-year-old suspect carjacked her sand sexually assaulted her and left her in a ditch.
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terry mcsweeney is live at vallejo police headquarters. >> police are talking to the media inside and talking about this 14-year-old boy who is? juvenile hall right now charged among other things, sexual assault, attempted murder and kidnap for ransom. take a look at video where it started. in a sense it ended. this is where police say the 65-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint at gate way plaza mall. forced to drive several miles away where she was sexually assaulted. she was found in a ditch near i-80 unconscious, her mouth duck taped. passerbys called 911. the suspect fled in a minivan. a family member received a call for her safe return, police with information from the passers bie
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arrested a person. he was in possession of the woman's vehicle and replica handgun. the 14-year-old has been booked, attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom. inside right now police are giving specific details of how it all went down. laura anthony will have more for you at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> cheryl: just ahead, a major oil rig fire. search for missing workers. >> fierce fighting in the middle east. palestinian militants target jerusalem with rockets. >> and c.i.a. director david petraeus appears on capitol hill. what he is saying about the attack on u.s.
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>> kristen: right now a team of inspectors is flying to the scene in the gulf of mexico. this is photo of the scene. you can see the fire is now out but two people are missing and 11 others were sent to the hospital. the explosion happened 25 miles southeast of louisiana. in the middle east this morning, israel is moving a step to a possible ground defensive in gaza calling up 16,000 reservists.
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sporadic shelling continues to rattle israel. they are trying to negotiate a truce. the shells fell in your for the first time in 1970. 23 palestinians and three israelis have been killed since the violence erupted on wednesday. >> kristen: david petraeus testified on capitol hill in his first public appearance sex scandal made him step down. the private hearing is focusing on what he knew about the deadly attack in benghazi. he said the attacks were a terrorist strike not a spontaneous protest. he did tell lawmakers he was sorry about his affair, but it had nothing to do with his handling of libya. >> cheryl: snother showdown in washington, congressional
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leaders are confident that can reach a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff and risk of a new recession. taxes on all americans are set to go up if they can't reach a deal. republicans want to reduce the deficit by closing tax loopholes >> kristen: mike nicco is talking about the rain. how much more. >> it's been pretty light so far. it's going to be more of a nuisance for your weekend plans. darker clouds moving through the north bay, emeryville, we have a whole lot more rain. we'll give you a timetable so you can adjust your your plans this weekend. >> is this is the last twinkie production? hostess says they are shutting
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>> terry: maker of twinkie hostess brand is shutting down
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operations nationwide. katie marzullo joins us from the oakland business that is directly affected. >> reporter: these are already scarce, last two packets near the safeway. about 20 workers still picketing and they are holding the line until they hear from their union. hostess announced they are going out of business. columbo employees about 70 workers. workers walked off the job after cuts in pay and benefits. they said they had to draw the line somewhere. >> we're going to lose, we're going to lose everybody. we're in the same boat. that is why we're here. >> they are taking away almost our paycheck. it's not going to be no
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different. if they liquidate and close and have no job. >> the ceo of hostess says, quote, we deeply regret the necessity of today's decision but we don't have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike. hostess has filed a motion in bankruptcy court. we could know on monday if it is granted and company would begin closing operations as early as tuesday. more than 18,000 employees will be laid off. >> kristen: tonight abc 20/20 is going behind the doors and spilling the beans on restaurants' dirty secrets. >> it's an acknowledged fact that bread and butter tends to circulate, shall we say from table to table. >> you had the pickles and coleslaw. how many times if you had somebody's pickles they weren't
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throwing them out. >> the real dish into the food you eat and restaurants you frequent. it airs at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc7. >> cheryl: if you are planning on flying, luggage locks approved by the tsa. michael shows you how they don't always work. you will hear from passengers was locks were cut off and had valuables stolen. >> kristen: a lot of people flying. >> two and a half hour flight delays but they are over. oakland, san jose running on time right now. good news. keep our fingers crossed because more rain so the way. here is a look at henley, snow showers. right now kind of quiet around lake tahoe. snow line is dropping to 6,000
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so getting out there hopefully won't be a nine hour trip. from south beach, breaks in the clouds and a little bit of rain falling. drops are still out there but we're between systems. live doppler 7 hd and you can see the rain up to the north. north bay and south bay getting the bulk of the wet weather, you can see overlay the clouds. a break and sunshine coming before the next wave rolls in. you see spotty showers up and down. no matter when you are traveling. wet weather. temperatures are pretty mild. off the morning lows and low to mid-50s starting to show up in from the south. mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay and inland around
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60s. periods of rain. another chance of rain next week and small chance but not going to leave the mark this system is. trough is moving through. that is the first wave and then lotto will come through later on during the overnight hours. what happened to this moist and mild air mass, the low is starting to weaken a little bit but once the sun sets, it takes a while for the rain to reach the ground the humidity rises. rain in the north bay. by 5:00, rain starting to return. yellow and oranges which mean light to moderate rain. sped did i rain through tomorrow morning. a little bit of a break midafternoon. you see yellows and oranges with this one. tomorrow evening and another round of light to moderate rain. by sunday morning most of it is gone and most of sunday afternoon will be mostly cloudy.
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rainfall amounts, a lot of rain especially around some areas. check this out. let me put this into a motion, half an inch to an inch in east bay valleys. more than inch around the bay. three-quarter of a inch in the south bay. north bay two inches. if you are heading to the sierra here is a look at the winter weather advisory, 5-11 inches above 7,000 feet. when the next system comes in to about 5-89 inches. chains, you might want to take them. you might not necessarily need them. seven-day forecast, you can see temperatures will remain pretty much in the upper 50s low 60s and low to mid-60s for the rest of us. thanksgiving looks like it will be nice day. mostly cloudy and mild.
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temperatures in the low to mid-60s and dry. >> cheryl: don't go away. you've got more work to do. >> kristen: mike will be back with this week's perfect pet. >> we'll be right back.
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children's safety equipment company announces a major recall of trauma beds after a baby's death. and we're going to hear from jim harbaugh with an update how he is feeling following surgery. >> kristen: you'll be feeling good if you adopt this friday's perfect pet. >> from the san francisco spca. tell us a little story about him. >> he is a wonderful doling. she truly a shelter favorite here. he was born blind. he is a bit of special needs pup. he is an amazing animal. he can't do anything -- he is good family dog. >> he seemed to warm up to me.
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he'll warm up to anybody. >> he would love a good home. he is easy to take care of him. he is looking for a great home. >> how about a house with yard and fence? >> that would be great. even if we kept him on a leash when you walked in the city. >> how about other animals. >> all of his friends will be at the macy's windows they are launching today. 26th year doing it ninth year at macy's. so tonight will be great unveiling ceremony. it starts at 5:00. hopefully we'll adopt a lot of animals. >> maybe he'll be one of them. >> he needs a lot of love. >> if you would like some love from rory call them or head down
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to union square. >> correct. thanks for being here. >> cheryl: thank you, mike. >> kristen: a little bit too big to sit in the window. thanks for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. we want to remind you about the new alarm clock app, download it from for free and get weather add traffic the morning you wake up. >> have a great weekend.
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